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Lose Yourself to the Rare Beauty of the Emerald

Deriving its name from Greece via Old French “esmeralde”, the emerald gemstone boasts a colour that is simply unparalleled… A delicious green colour that is sure to complement any wearer, the emerald gemstone is a unique and beautiful stone that is becoming rare due to its limited availability. Due to its stunning magnificence, much legend […]


At Kennedy Jewellers we are excited to share these beautiful pictures of H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who is proudly wearing jewellery from the OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN collection. In conjunction with the recent Dutch coronation in Amsterdam on the 30th of April, H.R.H Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wore a stunning couture dress paired […]

Art, Focus, Beauty, Love: The Diamond Gemstone

A gemstone that is brilliant, sophisticated and magical… The ultimate symbol of love, beauty, truth and elegance, the diamond has been revered for its rarity and absolute brilliance for centuries. The ideal gift for a loved one, especially this month, the diamond holds a unique and powerful magic; one that enchants as well as delights […]

We Are Driven to Make an Impact on the World

At Kennedy Jewellers we envision more than just fine jewellery… we envision a greater, healthier and more united world… At Kennedy Jewellers, we want to make a solid impact in the world, to bring love and help in a tangible and practical way so we can aid those who need it locally and internationally. In […]

Make an Impression that Lasts with Aquamarine – the Gemstone of the Sea

Many believe aquamarines are solely available in blue, but at Kennedy Jewellers we have used unique green gemstones in our jewellery… The aquamarine has been revered for its beauty and intensely blue colour, which is why it is named after the Latin words aqua, meaning water, and marina, which means the sea. But aquamarines do […]

Australian Jewellery Exhibition Gains Traction

As jewellery lovers, we have been staying on top of big news for jewellery in Australia… Sotherby’s Australia has announced and commenced an exhibition that offers exquisite jewellery pieces for sale rather than auction. This means there are many beautiful pieces that can be snapped up for less that AUD$1 million. The exhibition has been […]

All about Amethysts

Looking for that perfect gift this month? You cannot go past the stunning amethyst… Amethyst gemstones are vibrant and beautiful, which is why it is no surprise that many jewellers utilise the stunning appearance that naturally emanates in amethysts within the construction of their jewellery. At Kennedy Jewellers, we are lovers of the amethyst gemstone, […]

Have your precious jewellery expertly repaired or remodelled with Kennedy Jewellers

At Kennedy Jewellers we understand your jewellery is an extension of your individuality, and can skilfully restore your gorgeous jewellery to its former glory… on-site! At Kennedy Jewellers we know that your beautiful jewellery pieces are more than just accessories – they are an expression of your personality and essence of character. No matter how […]

Exquisite hand-crafted designer jewellery is finally here

Discover the highest quality designer jewellery with Kennedy Jewellers… Say goodbye to your typical everyday conventional jewellery, and hello to new, innovative and creative jewellery pieces that are each unique and beautiful; showcasing the hard work of superior craftsmanship and emanating an elegance that is unparalleled and unmatched by any other jewellery pieces. Branching out […]

Jaimee Rogers From Tab Sports Bet Wearing Kennedy Jewellers “Ode To India” Jewellery Suite At Melbourne Cup 2012 As Seen On Channel 7

Coffs Harbour based Kennedy Jewellers are proud to announce for the 2012 Melbourne Cup Carnival Jaimee Rogers of TAB Sports Bet will be wearing “ODE TO INDIA”, a South Sea pearl necklace & earring suite featuring a 19.77ct natural Emerald with Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds. Designed by Vanessa Kennedy the piece took 217 hours of Handcrafting by Master Jeweller […]

“Ode To India” South Sea Pearl, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire & Diamond Necklace & Earring Suite – Kennedy Special Needs Fund

“Changing the lives of special needs children with loving foster homes, education and care” Established by Don & Vanessa through Empower 4 Life inc. The KENNEDY SPECIAL NEEDS FUND is currently providing education, meals and medical aid to 61 children at the KENNEDY TUITION CENTRE in India, the funds from “ODE TO INDIA” will enable the expansion of these […]