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At Kennedy Jewellers we are excited to share these beautiful pictures of H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who is proudly wearing jewellery from the OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN collection.

In conjunction with the recent Dutch coronation in Amsterdam on the 30th of April, H.R.H Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wore a stunning couture dress paired with gorgeous jewellery designed by Charlotte Lynggaard from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN.


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The Flower collection by OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN

The enchanting earrings worn by H.R.H Crown Princess Mary are part of the exquisite Flower collection.
The stunning earrings are in fact ear clips, set in beautiful 18 kt. white gold, paved with 214 diamonds tw.vs that look magnificent on H.R.H Crown Princess Mary. These earrings are unique and retail at AUD $20,300. (The same model is available without diamonds in 18 kt. for AUD $7,995). They offer a feeling of fresh floral accents paired with rich royal hues and exquisite diamonds.
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At Kennedy Jewellers we are dedicated to bringing you high quality jewellery. To view pieces from this collection currently available at Kennedy Jewellers, please visit us in store at Coffs Harbour or online {link to} We also offer a range of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s other jewellery collections including her midnight, lotus and dew drop collections as well as many more.

The making of the dress & jewellery by Charlotte Lynggaard

For many years, Charlotte Lynggaard toyed with the idea of expanding the jewellery universe to encompass the whole woman from top to toe.


This year OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN celebrated its 50th Anniversary, unveiling this concept in an exclusive fashion show with Elle Magazine in Copenhagen. The show will present five different universes including this Japanese/Scandinavian theme inspired Kimono, combining the ultimate in fine jewellery, culture and unique design.


The jewellery is composed of unique gemstones, collected throughout generations and kept for a special occasion – and what better occasion than a couture, breathtaking and absolutely stunning dress!

Reds, rose-pink and delicate pink hues dominate in the form of tourmalines and corals, combined with fragile gold leaves with diamond studs. Simple, stylish and incredibly beautiful.


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