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Classic Beauty; the Pearl

A true jewel that not only is the ultimate symbol of grace and virtue, but also of sophistication, luxury and elegance…

Few can deny the beauty of the pearl, with its luminescent radiance that exudes beauty and charm. The pearl is also the birthstone for June, and is exquisitely unique as it is the only gemstone derived from the ocean that does not require any extra polishing or faceting in order to uncover their true beauty. Like many of their adorners, pearls permeate a natural attractiveness that is admired and revered.

Who better to showcase the beauty of a pearl than the mother of beauty herself…

Angelina Jolie has recently made media headlines with her strong willingness and bravery to remove the risk of breast cancer by undergoing a double mastectomy. Known as the princess of the red carpet, Angelina Jolie has been voted the sexiest woman alive and has inspired many women to take control of their health and take preventive measures towards breast cancer. At Kennedy Jewellers we are strong supporters of breast cancer research and for many years have sponsored the Pink Silks Race Day in Coffs Harbour, and have provided a specially made piece for the live auction which always featured a ‘pink’ gemstone element.

Through this massive journey, Angelina has retained her vivaciousness and allure, and shares her birthday with millions of others this June. A known lover of the rare beauty of the pearl, Angelina has been seen wearing the gems on countless occasions, and most recently in April where she attended a meeting wearing a traditional and elegant string of pearls matched with pearl earrings.

Touching on the birthstone poem, At Kennedy Jewellers we feel it fits the description of Angelina to perfection…

With each month’s birthstone comes a small, short poem written over a century ago by an unknown author. At Kennedy Jewellers we feel there is no better birthstone that describes the beauty and grace of Angelina Jolie:

Who comes with summer to this earth,
And owes to June her hour of birth,
With ring of pearl on her hand
Can health, wealth, and long life command

At Kennedy Jewellers we love the iridescent beauty of the pearl…

Pearls have been used as adorning jewellery for centuries, and were one of the favourite gem materials of the Roman Empire. The pearl has been the ultimate symbol of grace, conventional ideologies and complete elegance. At Kennedy Jewellers in Coffs Harbour, we utilise Australian South Sea, Tahitian, Fresh Water and Keshi pearls to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery. We are able to create a vast range set in white, rose, yellow gold or platinum combined with simple or elaborate designs, all using the highest quality pearls hand-chosen by our Master Jeweller.

Discover the secret of the pearl…

Fall in love with our pearl jewellery designed to leave spectators breathless.

18k Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Earrings and Necklace

Simple elegance knows no bounds. This 18ct necklace and earring set contains lustrous Tahitian pearls complimented by gorgeously radiant diamonds to truly encapsulate the essence of the featured pearls. Showcase elegance, sophistication and grace with this beautiful set crafted by elite jewellers at Kennedy Jewellers.

White South Sea Pearl Strand & Mystery Sphere

Set your skin aglow with these gorgeous white south sea peal strands set against a mystery sphere. With an unspoken beauty that is sure to compliment any taste or style, this pearl strand will leave onlookers breathless.

Kennedy Jewellers carry an extensive range of natural loose pearls and with connections to Australia’s best South Sea Pearl farmers in Broome, Western Australia, and a supply of the finest pearls Tahiti produces; we can source the world’s finest selection. This paired with an on-site design and manufacturing service makes Kennedy Jewellers the ultimate destination for pearl lovers.

To discover more about pearls, or to book a design consultation at our Coffs Harbour showroom, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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