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Crafted for Longevity: Investing in an ‘Heirloom of the Future’ from Kennedy Jewellers

At Kennedy Jewellers we have a stunning new range of hand-crafted jewellery that is sure to withstand the tests of time…

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone that ranges in colour from blueberry to striking indigo, found deep in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Africa. Discovered in 1967, this gemstone is rarer than diamonds as it has only been found in Tanzania. Since tanzanite only has this one source in the world, some gemmologists speculate that unless more is found elsewhere, the supply of tanzanite could run out within just thirty years.

The tanzanite gem is as beautiful as it is popular…

At Kennedy jewellers we have been surprised by the popularity of this stunning gem:


This remarkable gemstone has been placed into a dazzling ring with diamonds and set in 18ct white gold. Seeming to embrace its occupant, this ring permeates gentle sophistication and is a must for anyone looking for the perfect tanzanite ring.  

At Kennedy Jewellers we are always creating wonderful new designs to keep you inspired…

At Kennedy jewellers we are constantly designing and hand-crafting new pieces of jewellery. We have been particularly dedicated over the last few months to creating elaborate, beautiful designs crafted to withstand the tests of time. Fashion trends come and go however we predict our pieces will become a staple for any jewellery lover. Some of the exquisite pieces we’ve designed this year include:


Surrounded by a double row of diamonds, and set in an 18ct white gold with 18ct gold main claw, this checkerboard cut Natural Yellow Beryl is an amazing new design from Kennedy Jewellers. Its rectangular shape is made to complement every type of finger – so you can enjoy this stunning piece anywhere.


Make a statement with this beautiful South Sea Blue topaz and diamond cocktail ring – elegant and bejewelled, this piece would add brilliance to your wardrobe.


Our latest design: these natural orange Carnelian and Diamond earrings are set in yellow gold that will complement any outfit.

We are also extremely proud to partner with the finest jewellery houses in Europe…

Bringing a touch of Europe to Australia, we are delighted to bring you gorgeous pieces from Jorg Heinz.


The mystery sphere: what looks like a sparkling strip of diamonds is actually a doorway to a secret, stunning pearl. Unlock the mystery of this unique piece that holds more than intrigue; but also a subtle magnificence.

At Kennedy Jewellers we only use naturally sourced gemstones…

All the gemstones used at Kennedy Jewellers are sourced naturally—there are no synthetic or lab-manufactured stones used in our jewellery and this is our commitment to you. For high quality, long lasting jewellery we will always use ethically sourced gemstones.

We have a wide range of loose stones on hand and are able to get specific stones specially sourced for you. Experts in the unusual, outstanding and rare we are able to handcraft jewellery to suit your needs.

If you are interested in the tanzanite gemstone ring or any of the other jewellery shown in our article, please call us on (02) 6650 9940 or visit us at our conveniently located showroom in Coffs Harbour. 

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