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Multi-Million Dollar “Princie Diamond” Sells at Auction

With origins that can be traced to ancient Golconda mines in India, this diamond boasts beauty and history…

The “Princie Diamond” is a huge 34.65 carats and boasts a brilliant fancy intense pink colour that is utterly breathtaking. A special case, this diamond was first recorded as belonging to the royal family of Hyderabad that ruled one of the provinces of the Mughal Empire. The estimated price for the diamond was $30-$40 million dollars.

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At an auction held by Christie’s, the New York Magnificent Jewels Auction April 16th 2013, its true value spoke volumes. The “Princie Diamond” is the second most expensive diamond ever to be sold at auction, and came in at a whopping price of US $39,323,750!

At Kennedy Jewellers we utilise gorgeous pink diamonds in our pieces…

To ensure we make available the best and most brilliant diamond jewellery, at Kennedy Jewellers in Coffs Harbour we use ethically sourced pink diamonds.


Truly experience simplicity and extravagance in tandem with this beautiful yellow gold ring that features argyle pink diamonds set delicately to frame a gorgeous diamond. 


Celebrities design unique style combined with superior beauty, and what better way to accentuate this than our interchangeable argyle pink and white diamond earrings. Sure to impress wherever you go, these beautiful and classically-designed earrings are sure to turn heads. 

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