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The Great Gatsby Reignites Passion for Pearls

The recent Great Gatsby film, with its throwback to 1920s old-world charm, has rekindled popularity for the sophisticated pearl…

The pearl is back with new life, new love and rejuvenated popularity thanks to the cinema release of Baz Luhrmann’s unique, gorgeous and utterly breath-taking interpretation of the classic novel The Great Gatsby. With splendid grandeur and unfathomable riches, The Great Gatsby takes us completely back to the elegance, charm and extravagance of the 1920s – a world where sophistication came with mystery, and love came with great risk and fantastical splendour. The art-deco film lavished its female protagonist, Daisy Buchanan, in gorgeous pearl jewellery; a staple of the 1920s stylish fashionista.

With vintage inspired pearls embedded in a beaded top, her hairband and pearl necklace, Daisy Buchanan was the epitome of 1920s elegance. With top fashion designers Chanel and Vivienne Westwood taking the lead with incorporating stunning pearl jewellery into their most recent collections, it’s obvious that the subtle grace of the pearl has taken the spotlight.

Rediscover your love of pearls with our enchanting collection…

At Kennedy Jewellers in Coffs Harbour, we have always had a passion for sourcing the most beautiful pearls in Australia, and love incorporating these into our jewellery. By understanding the true magnificence of the pearl we have been able to create stunning jewellery set with gold, silver and even platinum for a rare beauty that can only be emanated through pearl jewellery.

Ignite your inner 1920s fashion goddess with our extravagant pearl jewellery at Kennedy Jewellers…

Searching for that perfect pearl necklace? If you are striving to attain undeniable pearl jewellery, at Kennedy Jewellers we have a wide range of classic, traditional pearl jewellery – some with an elegant and modern twist for contemporary charm.


A stunning piece crafted by Jörg Heinz, this gorgeous custom-designed piece elegantly titled ‘Mystery Sphere’ gives a glimpse of stunning pearl surrounded by diamonds and patterned silver. With an interchangeable mechanism, the Mystery Sphere can be worn on all chains and cables with key ends so you can refresh your look no matter where you go.


Gain a glimpse of a luxurious, lavish world – a world of pure indulgence, of elegant riches, of upmost sophistication. With the ‘Magic Pendant’ by Jörg Heinz you can witness the total ethereal grace of the pearl – donned in a casing of gorgeous gold, this pendant features an opening enhancer clip that allows it to be moved and worn on chains, cables, beads and pearls. Surrounded by a string of diamonds, the pearl pendant seems to almost watch timidly, observing – a gentle, beautiful spectator.


Lose yourself in lavish pearls with Kennedy Jeweller’s own ‘Ode to India’. With a simple elegance blended with gorgeous colour, you will truly feel almost like royalty whilst adorning this seductive and graceful piece.

Kennedy Jewellers carry an extensive range of natural loose pearls and with connections to Australia’s best South Sea Pearl farmers in Broome, Western Australia, and a supply of the finest pearls Tahiti produces; we can source the world’s finest selection. This paired with an on-site design and manufacturing service makes Kennedy Jewellers the ultimate destination for pearl lovers.

To discover more about pearls, or to book a design consultation at our Coffs Harbour showroom, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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