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The world’s most expensive iPhones dazzled with diamonds and gold!

The beautiful, chic and utterly bedazzled has made its mark on the iPhone…

The custom Pink Diamond iPhone, designed by Sun & Moon, has been recreated into a beautifully chic and glamorous smartphone. Available in shades of white or pink, this bejewelled technology features 18 carat gold and cascades of 850 fancy coloured pink diamonds.


In place of the home button, a gorgeous princess-cut pink diamond sits enveloped by its smaller diamond neighbours. This iPhone is estimated to cost up to $12,000, but is dwarfed in comparison to Stuart Hughes’ model which is estimated to cost up to six million pounds!

Totalling a huge 4.33 carats on the Pink Diamond iPhone, the Apple logo is made with an alloy of three special metals – the “rubedo” that flash iridescent shades.

Sometimes people have so much money they aren’t quite sure what else they can do with it, or sometimes they buy things covered in jewels.

A great example of this is a businessman from Hong Kong, who owned a priceless family heirloom, a 26 carat black diamond worth $15 million, and decided to honour this heirloom by placing it somewhere he could see it every day – on his iPhone.

In order to achieve this, he commissioned the UK craftsman Stuart Hughes to create the most extravagant iPhone ever seen.

The phone, valued at US $15.5 million, took Hughes 9 weeks to craft by hand, completely replacing the case with 135g of 24 carat gold, added in Sapphire glass as the screen – a manufactured sapphire product reported to be 3 times stronger than the usual Gorilla glass used for iPhones – and then, if this was not enough, replaced the ‘home key’ with the family heirloom diamond. The chassis of the phone also includes 600 white diamonds, 53 of which make up the Apple logo.


Hughes is well known for his extravagant creations. In 2012, he created the Solid Gold iPhone 5 Edition at US $33,000 and the iPad 2 Gold History Edition in 2011, complete with a piece of 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex thigh bone valued at US $7.5 million.

At Kennedy Jewellers we love to think outside the box and make the truly bizarre beautiful…


Discover the true gift of foresight with these handmade “Gaga Vision”18ct Yellow and White Gold Spectacles with White Gold Woven Wire Lenses and Yellow Gold Concertina Arms, created by Master Jeweller Don Kennedy from Kennedy Jewellers. With such innovation this piece was featured in the 2010 JAA/Marie Claire Jewellery Awards.


A Handmade 18ct yellow and white gold pendant with a working internal gold maze encased in mineral glass. Reversible and rotatable to make using the maze easy whilst wearing, “Puzzling” is set with 23 white diamonds and 9 natural pink Argyle Diamonds and was featured was a finalist in the 2008 JAA/Marie Claire Jewellery Design Awards for Precious Metal Design.

Discover more out of the ordinary bejewelled pieces by visiting Kennedy Jewellers to see their state-of-the-art designs, and their uncanny talent for reinterpreting the use of diamonds and gold for our modern-day world.

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